European Directives

When collective protection cannot be implemented, workers protection must be ensured by PPE against falls from a height.

Is considered a PPE all devices or means intended to be worn or held by a person to protect him from one or more risks likely to threaten its health or its safety on the workplace.


Manufacturer Obligations

Directive 89/686 deals with the design of PPE and set up the marketing conditions, the essential requirements in terms of design, manufacture and test methods. This one will be replaced by the regulation 2016/425 of march 9 of 2016 and applicable by april 21 of 2018.

It classifies the PPE in three categories of risk. The PPE against falls from a height are part of category 3 "lethal risk".

European harmonized EN standards

Are the technical requirements to which the products must comply with. Conformity to the EN standards gives presumption of conformity to the Directive and allows CE marking.

The CE type examination certificate and the declaration of conformity

Before marketing a PPE, the manufacturer must send his product to a test laboratory in charge of issuing a CE type examination certificate.

The declaration of conformity is the manufacturer commitment to supply a product complying with the regulation in force.

Production control procedure

In order to ensure the conformity of its production, the manufacturer of the fall  protection equipment must submit all products either to a final product control or  to a production process control. This compulsory control is carried out by a Notified Body.


Employer Obligations

Directive 89/656 relevant to the use of PPE. It determines the obligations of the employer. These obligations are as follows:

  • Assess the risks incurred by the employees
  • Supply free of charge PPE complying to standards and appropriate to the work to be performed and the risks involved
  • Ensure proper use and functioning of the PPE, its maintenance and storage in good conditions
  • Obtain by a competent person authorized by the employer, an annual periodic inspection of the PPE. This inspection must be recorded in a safety register showing all safety interventions on the PPE throughout its life span
  • Educate and train employees as often as necessary to the use of the PPE


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