Cable fall arrester with rescue winch

Fall arrester fitted with a self retracting steel wire rope line and a braking system with 2 pawls for immediate locking in case of fall. It includes an internal kinetics energy dissipating element. A rescue winch can be activated after a fall to lift a worker for a safe rescue.

Technical Specifications

• Maxi user weight 140 kg
• Galvanized cable Ø 4,5 mm (R > 12 kN)
• Epoxy painted steel housing
• Locking speed : 20 m/mn
• Static resistance : > 12 kN
• Arrest force : < 600 daN
• Vertical minimum clearance : 2,5 m
• Recovery function is activated by 1/4 turn knurled knob
• Recovery indicator
• Swivel snap hook opening 20 mm ref. : NM18LFT
• Temperature of use : -30° C to +50° C

Standard EN 360 : 2002

Standard EN 1496 : 2017 CLASSE A

Standard FICHE : VG11 11.062

NS15TSCable fall arrester with rescue winch 15 m
NS20TSCable fall arrester with rescue winch 20 m
NS30TSCable fall arrester with rescue winch 30 m

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