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This anchor device in polyamide webbing 21 mm wide, is sewn to make it a loop. This mobile anchor point is used as a light anchor point easy to carry and fits most of the structures. Not compatible with temporary webbing anchor lifeline.

Technical Specifications

• Polyester webbing 21 mm wide
• Static resistance > 18 kN
• NASL10 weight : 75 g

Standard EN 795 : 2012 TYPE B

NASL06Light webbing sling 0,6 m
NASL08Light webbing sling 0,8 m
NASL10Light webbing sling 1 m
NASL12Light webbing sling 1,2 m
NASL15Light webbing sling 1,5 m
NASL20Light webbing sling 2 m

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