Removable work positioning belt

NCE4 belt is designed for all types of work either restraint or work positioning. This belt is a rotating belt which means that it allows the body to turn without dragging the work positioning lanyard along in its movement. By virtue of its design, this belt can also be integrated in a detachable manner into a safety harness if permitted by the design of the latter.

Technical Specifications

• The use of the belt is approved for use by a person weighing 140kg or less (The weight includes the user, his tools and his equipment)
• Water repellent webbing in polyester 44 mm
• Automatic aluminum buckle with locking indicator
• Lateral attachment points with forged aluminum pivoting D ring for work positioning
• Comfort padded belt
• Equipped with 2 large textile strings for tool holding and 2 plastic D ring
• Mounting the belt on the harness with velcro tape
• Static resistance ≥ 15 kN
• Weight : 618 g


NCE4 belt is designed for all types of work, either to prevent the user from reaching a location from which a fall can occur (restraint), or to securely hold the user at his workstation, such that he can distribute and control his weight between his waist and his feet (work positioning).


VIT’O range : NUS67 / NUS77A / NUS87A
Other : NUS65A

Standard EN 358 : 2018

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