Rope access

Guided type fall arrester on flexible anchorage line

ASC’O® is a mobile fall arrester in aluminum to use on TWIST 11® rope to secure your works at height. In normal use, the device slides hands free on the rope up and down automatically. Should a fall occur or in case of unexpected descent, the ASC’O® locks instantly and secures the user.
With its unique patented opening system, ASC’O® mobile fall arrester associates comfort of use and maximum safety. It can be locked on the rope with a locking button to allow the user to remain hands free at any level of the rope.

Designed and assembled in France.

Technical Specifications

• Maxi user weight 140 kg
• Mobile fall arrester in aluminum
• Locking button
• Aluminum twist lock connector opening 18mm for connexion to the full body harness
• Static resistance on rope >15 kN
• Arrest force < 6kN
• Weight : 320g (without connector)

Available options :
NEX.35 : extension webbing lanyard with automatic aluminum connector
ABS’O® 40 : shock absorber with automatic aluminum connectors for an horizontal use
TWIST 11® - NTWISTC : Ø11mm high density polyamide rope with sewn termination and stopper

Standard EN 353-2 : 2002

Standard EN 12841 : 2006

NSD19.PASC'O® - Guided type fall arrester + 1 NM17ALU
ABS'O40Shock absorber for ASC'O® + 1 NM17ALU
NEX.35Extension lanyard for ASC'O® + 1 NM17ALU

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ZI Richard Bloch Chassagny
69700 Beauvallon - France

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