This equipment is a class C descender intended to evacuate people in a vertical plan. In case of emergency the user connect the cable of the device to his rescue strap and let him slide downwards. The mechanism is equipped with an automatic brake and ensures a controlled descent speed.

Technical Specifications

• Housing : corrosion treated steel casing
• Descent speed : 2 m/s
• Braking system : centrifugal
• Breaking resistance : > 12 kN
• Energy of descent : W > 0,5 x 106 J
• Number of cycles : > 30

Standard EN 341/C : 1993

NEVA20Descender 20 m
NEVA30Descender 30 m
NEVA40Descender 40 m
NEVA50Descender 50 m
NEVA60Descender 60 m

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