The manual rescue winch (NTRES) is a Class B lifting rescue device.  With the help of a rescuer, it allows one person to be lifted up to maximum winch capacity and down to a limited distance of 2m. It is designed to be attached to the tripod ref. NTREALU2. 

Technical Specifications

• Steel wire rope Ø6,3 mm
• Cable length : 20 m
• Maximal load : 140 kg
• Hand force required : 220 N
• Static resistance : 14kN
• Crank length : 30 cm
• Recovery distance : 19 m
• Breaking strength Fmax < 6kN
• Weight : 13 kg

Included :
- 1 mounting plate for NTREALU2 tripod
- 1 return pulley with screw gate connector
- 1 shock absorber with 2 screw gate connectors


Works in confined spaces.
This winch is not a personal protective equipment against falls from a height. It allows the raising or lowering of a person in difficulty after stopping a fall.

Standard EN 1496 : 2017 / B

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