Shock absorber with integrated Y elastic lanyard

Shock aborber with integrated double elastic webbing lanyard (Y model). Extended length 1m3 or 1m7 without connector. A removable connector on energy absorber side and a removable or irremovable connector on the lanyard side.
The shock absorber is protected with a polyester pouch. Available with or without connectors.

Technical Specifications

• Energy absorber with a polyamide and polyester tearing strap of 31 mm breadth wrapped with a protective pouch
• Double (Y) elastic webbing in polyester wide 30mm
• Anodized aluminum ring
• Arrest force < 600 daN
• Static resistance ≥ 15 kN
• Available length without connector : 1m3 and 1m7 (extended)
• Weight : 470g (NEYA13) / 495g (NEYA17)

Standard EN 355 : 2002

NEYA13ACY Elastic webbing lanyard 1,3m (extended) + 1 NM16NS + 2 NM28N
NEYA13ABY Elastic webbing lanyard 1,3m (extended) + 1 NM16NS + 2 NM24N
NEYA13AAY Elastic webbing lanyard 1,3m (extended) + 3 NM16NS
NEYA17ACY Elastic webbing lanyard 1,7m (extended) + 1 NM16NS + 2 NM28N
NEYA17ABY Elastic webbing lanyard 1,7m (extended) + 1 NM16NS + 2 NM24N
NEYA17AAY Elastic webbing lanyard 1,7m (extended) + 3 NM16NS

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