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Flexible anchorage line

The TWIST 11® rope of Ø11 mm in polyamide high tenacity, is a semi-static multifonction rope, durable and easy to handle. It is also the flexible anchorage line for the mobile fall arrester ASC’O® and allows the user to be safe during his works at height.


Technical Specifications

Diameter : Ø11 mm
Endings : Sewn termination with sheath and thimble and stopper under sheath
Weight: 74 g/m
Static elongation : 1,8%
Sheath number of plaits : 32
Breaking strength on 8 knot : ≥ 1,5 kN
Breaking strength : 3,41 kN
Material : 100% polyamide


Very low static elongation, soft and easy to handle.
Excellent grip.


NTWISTC : Use as a flexible anchorage line for the ASC’O® guided type fall arrester according to EN 353-2 standard.

Standard EN 353-2 : 2002

NTWISTC.10.PTWIST 11® for ASC'O® with endings - 10 m + NM17ALU
NTWISTC.15.PTWIST 11® for ASC'O® with endings - 15 m + NM17ALU
NTWISTC.20.PTWIST 11® for ASC'O® with endings - 20 m + NM17ALU
NTWISTC.30.PTWIST 11® for ASC'O® with endings - 30 m + NM17ALU

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